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Welcome Miss Redcape,

Tasia Redcape - A womanwith a mysterious background
Character Interview of Tasia Redcape: She is a character from Zerlina Valinski's Immortal Passion's series.
Tasia's debut book is The Legacy of the Redcape Women teaser to The Witch and the Werewolf.
Name: Tasia Redcape
Background: I was born in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. My mother disappeared when I was a baby after she left my family's home. I was placed in a foster home until I went away to college.
Place of birth: Blue Ridge Mountains, Wolfton, North Carolina
Parents: Olivia Redcape. I never knew my father. I understand he was a warlock.
Siblings: none I know of. But one never knows!
Ethnic background: Caucasian with Irish-Celtic Ancestry. I'm told my ancestresses come from the Faery Realm of Lustulia. My ancestresses were Sensual Moon Witches. I have Faery blood.
Places lived: Chicago is where I grew up. I lived near Northwestern University until I graduated. I now live outside of Wolfton, NC in the Blue Ridge Mountains with my mate.
Current address and phone number: You can reach me through my good friend Zerlina Valinski. ZerlinaValinskiauthor@gmail.com
Education: BS from Northwestern University.
Favorite subject in school: Men! And social studies, history, and all social events involving men.
Special training: Graduated with a BS from Northwestern University. Social sciences.
Jobs: While in college I worked as a waitress at several locations. I also tended bar.
A few days after I graduated I received a certified letter from an attorney's office telling me I'd inherited the Redcape homestead in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
Now I'm mated to the Sheriff of Wolfton, Alpha Conall McKnight. And I'm a Sensual Priestess to Aeval and Aiden in their new Lustulian Temple. The temple was built on my grandmother's land in this Realm. I train Sensual Moon Witches in the art of pleasuring men to create the most magic. We create sensual magic to power of goddesses' and ourselves.
Salary: My mate takes care of me as do our goddesses.
Travel: Soon we will have enough magic to travel to the Faery Realms and return safely. Many of the ancient gods and goddesses are able to now travel to this realm. We see them often these days. We have done a lot in the temple to increase the magic here in this realm.
Friends: My best friend is Taite MacCoclain. She's also a Sensual Moon Witch. She's a Priestess of the temple too.
Enemies: My grandfather, Warlock Rayford Fleming, and the warlock who has my mother imprisoned.
Dating, marriage: I dated a lot. Now, I'm mated and married to Alpha Conall McKnight
Children: Not yet, but it's told by our goddesses we well have many.
What people do I most admire: My mentor, Sensual Moon Witch Collette, Taite my best friend, and the members of my Select Group. Our Select Group are intimate in all ways.
Relationship with God: I am a pagan. I worship Celtic gods. I'm a priestess of the Temple of Lustulia. I serve the goddesses' Aeval and Aidin especially as well as other Celtic gods. I strive to create sex magic they can tap into.
Overall outlook on life: Happy, fulfilled in every area. Sensuality is part of who I am; especially as a Priestess of Lustulian Temple and a member of Conall's pack and our Select Group.
Does this character like himself: Yes, J I'm very fond of myself. Giggles
What, if anything, would he like to change about his life: I do wish I could have my mother back and my grandmother. I wish I could have been raised by my true family. I wish my foster mother had understood me. But she never would have. I wish my grandfather, Rayford had not been evil.
Is she lying to himself about something? Not anymore. I understand who I am now. I'm a Moon Witch of Sensuality. I'm promiscuous, it's just who I am. I'm no longer embarrassed by my nature. Now it's part of my worship to create sex magic and increase my goddesses' power and my own. I'm a loving person and a good friend. My mate accepts me as I am. I accept his culture too. His culture was easy to adapt to my lifestyle and vice versa. We're made for each other. We enjoy a wonderful sexual relationship with each other and all the members of our Select Group and anyone invited to attend our social events or Aevalian Gatherings. We believe in sharing our pleasure. J
How is she viewed by others: Men find me beautiful and sensual. Since I have been a follower of Aeval and Aidin I am more attractive, they have blessed me. I have a magical glow at times especially after I climax.
Physical appearance and Physical build: I have long golden brown hair with auburn highlights. I'm tall and slender with generous breasts. I have a nice figure men desire. I have a nice ass too and I love to flaunt it.
Eyes: I have vibrant green eyes.
Tattoos/piercings/scars: I have a pierced belly button. My ears are pierced. I'm thinking of getting other things pierced.
Voice: I can sing. Most witches or Faeries can sing beautifully. My voice is feminine, alluring.
Right- or left-handed: Right handed. But I frequently use both. J
Handicap: none
What you notice first: My eyes, my figure, my hair. My looks.
Clothing: I prefer skirts. Its easy access J and so breezy.
Characteristics: I'm personable, sexual. I make friends easily. I'm loyal to my friends. I'm loyal to my goddesses. I pursue happiness and satisfaction to all those I share pleasure with.
I like to cook, spend time outside. But my favorite activity is sex and my favorite partner is my mate.
Fears: Of losing more people I love. Of not freeing my mother from the warlock who imprisons her.
Political leaning: I'm very liberal.
Collections, talents: I'm learning to use more of my magic. I'm interested in my religion and the Faery Realms. I'm interested in all of the supernatural individuals who come from the other Realms. I learn about more and more of them every day.
What people like best about her: I'm easy going. In college some would say, I was easy! LMOA
Interests and favorites: My favorite activity I mentioned above. J And I love shopping and cooking. Throwing parties for our Select group which involves my favorite activity J. I help my mate with his internet business. I like to swim, read, fix the house. I love to spend time with my friend Taite and our other friends. I enjoy watching Taite's twins.
Food, drink: We eat a lot of meat here. Being mated to a werewolf, one must like meat. I also like salads, vegies and some sweets. My mate is sweet! I love iced tea.
Music: I like alternative and some pop. I'm also learning Celtic songs we sing before and during worship. Some enhance pleasure.
Books: Books on my crafts and on ancient Celts. I'm working on writing a book about my craft and our history right now.
Movies: Pop culture movies.
Sports, recreation: I run with my mate. I love to swim. And we love to screw around. Sex is a sport too. It's what I played in college too. LOL
Best way to spend a weekend: A grand party celebration for a mating and the Aevalian Gathering. Gatherings at the temple my mate attends. My mate and I both enjoy these times.
Also, spending time alone with my mate.
A great gift for this person: I love jewelry.
Pets: I have a loyal dog, Bella.
Vehicle: We have a few. I enjoy riding around in my mate's pickup truck.
What's the worst thing she's ever done to someone and why: When I was in college I slept with a lot of guys and I'm sure some were married. And I realize it was not acceptable to their way of thinking. Sorry!
Greatest success: Running the Lustulian Temple. Graduating new Sensual Moon Witches into the service of the temple.
Biggest trauma: The shadow of my grandfather running me out of the Redcape Mansion. Watching him kill my great grandmother and Conall's brother.
What does he care about most in the world: My mate and our family, our children when we have them and my Select Group. Also, for my goddesses.
Does he have a secret: No, not anymore.
Most embarrassing thing that ever happened to her: My foster mother visited me in my dorm room. She didn't give any notice. We were having a party. She found me in a very compromising situation with three men. She left quickly and hasn't spoken to me since. L
Taite was there too with her own group of guys having their way with her. And she made it worse, by yelling; Knock first bitch. Oh well! I guess my foster mom did call us sluts. Oh well, bet she has never had so much fun.

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