Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Please Wlecome Lukas Bucklin to the 'hot seat'

Good morning everyone. Today we have a special guest with us, so please give our guest a warm welcome to the hot seat! Introducing Mr. Lukas Bucklin

Television Host: Thank you audience for tuning in. I have an exclusive interview
with ‘The Lukas Bucklin’, a multi-billionaire with a take charge attitude. He has secrets,
let’s see if we can get him to expose them!

Host: Mr. Bucklin, you look nervous. This interview is very informal and I’ll start out
with an easy question. What’s your favorite food?

Lukas: What kind of question is that? I can afford any delicacy I want, delivered
whenever I want. Caviar, lobster, you name it!

Host: Okay, so my attempt to ease into the interview back fired, I’ll get down to business
and ask my next question. Who was your first girlfriend and how old were you when you

Lukas: I was seventeen when I met the love of my life and she is the mother of my
son. I’ll leave it up to you figure out who I mean. You’ll have to read it in Desperate
Measures, the novel in which that damn author, Cindy something or other, chose to write
my life story.

Host: You don’t want to talk about that book do you, so I’ll ask about your career. How
long have you worked at your current job?

Lukas: Job? I don’t have a menial job! I’m the CEO and Chairman of the Board of my
own company. I built an empire.

Host: What’s your greatest pet peeve with you Mother/Father? Why?

Lukas: My father was ruthless but a peon. Oh, he may have started a gourmet grocery
store but I turned it into a national chain. That move on my part started the foundation on
which I built Bucklin Enterprises.

Host: Mr. Bucklin, you looked lost in thought there for a moment. Could there be some
truth in the saying, “Like Father Like Son?”

Lukas: Absolutley NOT!! Lukas slams his fist on the table.

Host: Lukas, if you could meet anyone living or dead who would it be and why?

Lukas: HA! What kind of question is that? Anyone in their right mind would love to meet
me. Didn’t you read what I did to protect…, Oh, well never mind that, you can read the
story in Desperate Measures but I am a force to be reckoned with, let me tell you that!

Host: Who’s your favorite artist, singer, etc.?

Lukas: I don’t have time for such nonsense! I have secrets that I have to scramble to
keep hidden. Desperate Deceptions, the next novel by that newbie author, is keeping me
hopping and I can’t let my past catch up with me. So if you’ll excuse me I have to protect
my family and…..

Host: Well, I guess that conclused todays interview. Thank you Mr. Brucklin, and good luck with your next endevour. Coming up next week we have another special guest. As well, we'll be hosting a special collection of guests coming soon so please stop by again. Have a good day.

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