Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hema: King of the Vampires

Ladies and gents, make sure your throats are covered tonight we open our doors and the most comfortable couch in the place to none other than King Hema of the Vampire Nation. Welcome, Highness, please, come in and have a seat.
Sadly we don't serve blood but we do have a selection of excellent wines, perhaps I could tempt you with one of them.

Hema: How quaint such a tiny place. Full of so many mortals, although there are some I would doubt their mortality. Bruja, beloved was most insistant I come out this eve. Thank you for opening your doors to myself. 'Tis rare for mortals not to be running from my kind in absolute terror.
So, what shall we discuss here in this little coffee shop?

Thank you your Highness for coming. There's rumors even here among us humans of a war on the horizon. One that could spill into our world? Is this true?

Hema: War? Child, if my kind went to war your world would be no more. We are notoriously fixated - a flaw if you will within us. Nay, we do not face a war, in the sense of which you speak. Evil stirs, a madman threatens to rise, and our kind must stop him.

But what of the rumors you've been stealing men and women for this task?

Hema: Falsehoods. Why would we steal mortal flesh when compared to us, you are weak. Puny. I mean no disrespect at all but I have yet to see those not of our worlds compare to our skills, our strength, endurance...Nay, I'd not steal a mortal to do an immortal job.

You seem so certain of this. Yet there are disappearances...

Hema: Once, many years ago in an act of grief, rage, driven to punish, I cast from our ranks those who were of our flesh. For generations they have lived, bred, died as mortals. But now, with the rise of Him those who were forsaken to us must be returned to their rightful place. We have had many return, embraced by the people's they came from. Vampire, Dragon, Troll, Demon, all those I punished unjustly are being returned.

Centuries past the first was welcomed back into our world. Bede, a woman unlike any I'd ever seen. Strong, resilient, a fitting mate to my most trusted Captain. Within her heart lay the key to a future so many of us have longed for. Even now, she loves Gawain with a passion I have not seen since my beloved Mundy, but I welcome it.

Fear not this upheaval among the immortals, we must unite to keep those who would destroy us in place - I have no doubts it will be successful. We have warriors who are skilled in the arts I dare not speak of.

Hostess: And will this unity involve humans at all?

Hema: *laughs* Unless you suddenly become one of us, no. We walk within your world but it is not ours and we've no desire to claim it. I beg you forgive my sudden departure but I hear my Queens calling. 'Tis close to the Red Moon and there is a birth nearing.

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