Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ysbail and Bedwyr join us on the couch!

Getting to know Ysbail and Bedwyr
{Ysbail} Thank you for having us here today. I have really been looking forward to this. Not so much Bedwyr. I think he would rather be out stabbing something with his sword. Smile dear, they are looking at us!
[Bedwyr] Grumble . . . (offers a halfhearted smile)
{Ysbail} (leaning into Bedwyr, whispering) Do not make me tell them about—
[Bedwyr] Oh, yes, I am very happy to be here. Ecstatic. Over the moon—
{Ysbail} Okay, I think they get the picture. They look like nice people, and they are buying our
book. Come on. This will be fun. Please . . . for meeee? (bats eyelashes)
[Bedwyr] All right. You know I cannot say ‘no’ to you.
{Ysbail} (beaming) Readers want to know what your favorite color is.
[Bedwyr] What? (voice hitches up with shock) Favorite color? (Ysbail nods) Blood red! (scowling)
{Ysbail} (rolling eyes) How did I know you would say that? Mine is purple. I love purple. Really dark, almost black purple. Like this ribbon you gave me for my hair. (fingers the ribbon tying back her long braid) Readers also want to know, what is your star sign? I do not really understand what this is, but I think it has to do with the time you were born.
[Bedwyr] (lifts an eyebrow) People want to know when I was born? Of all the . . . Oof! (gets an elbow in the side) I do not know when I was born. My mother sent me to my father when I was barely out of swaddling. I only remember my father’s soldiers taunting me . . . something about the thin veil between worlds and that only I could have been created on such a day.
{Ysbail} Oh, Bedwyr! That means your birthday was day before yesterday. When we get home I will arrange a grand celebration.
[Bedwyr] I need no celebration, gwraig. There is only one thing I need from you. (reaching for Ysbail who pushes his hands away)
{Ysbail} There is time enough for that, fy ng┼Ár. But a celebration will be had and you will enjoy it. So now, readers have also asked me, what is your favorite hobby?
(Bedwyr blankly stares at Ysbail) I think a hobby is a pastime . . . something you do when you are not warring or training.
[Bedwyr] Warriors do not have . . . hobbies. We go to war. We fight. When we are not at war, we fight. Hours and hours of fighting.
{Ysbail} Do not seek to pull a sheepskin over my eyes. I know you do not always fight, and there has been peace between our families since our marriage. What about the creatures you make with your knife? (rubbing her obviously round stomach) Our little one will have a stable full of horses of your creation.
[Bedwyr] That is not a hobby. That is frustration. (looks longingly at Ysbail’s breasts)
{Ysbail} It will not be long now, cariad.
[Bedwyr] (indignant) Not long? You are not yet delivered, and the priest will not give consent for forty days more!
{Ysbail} Oh, fy melys. You are so neglected. (giggling)
[Bedwyr] (puts arms around Ysbail) I have only one hobby. You.{Ysbail} You are sweet. I will remember that when I ask you later to rub my feet.
[Bedwyr] Only if you rub my—
{Ysbail} (slaps husband) Can you not get your mind out of the cesspit for two seconds? (Bedwyr raises eyebrow) Okay, forget I asked.[Bedwyr] What else do our readers wish to know?{Ysbail} That is a good question. Perhaps they will post their questions below in the comments section. We are here all day.
[Bedwyr] All day? (groans rather audibly)
{Ysbail} Remember, they are buying our book. And who could blame them for wanting to keep you here as long as possible. You are such a strong and handsome warrior. (batting her lashes once more)
[Bedwyr] They said that? (Ysbail nods to Bedwyr, winks to the readers) Well . . . (puffing his chest)
~ Scarlett“What’s a little bondage between friends?”
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  1. What a fun interview, I hope that the characters are as playful in the book as they are here.

  2. Testing ... Scarlett is having some trouble commenting, so I'm seeing if I can get through.

  3. Hi Chantal,

    Thanks for your comment. I like to think Bedwyr is really a softy. You know what they say about the biggest blusterer being the softest hearted ;-)

    I'd love to hear your comments if you read Awakening.

  4. GFP -- Seems to work on Firefox. Not so well on EI. Hmmm . . . Thanks for the suggestion!

  5. Love these character much fun!

  6. Hi Karen!

    I'm glad you liked the interview. I love it when characters really speak their minds ;-)

  7. Thanks for asking us to visit today. We had a lovely time on the couch. Even if Bedwyr could not keep his hands to himself!


  8. A wonderful character interview thank you.


  9. That interview was a hoot. Since I'm a bit late getting here, I doubt Bedwyr is still hanging around, so if he pokes his head back in, be sure to tell him I think it's cute that he considers his whittling a way to relieve frustration.

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  10. I love character interviews; this was a fun and great read.

    I can't wait to read Awakening.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  11. I love character interviews so much fun! Thanks for the fun blog tour!
    Latisha D

  12. Kathryn,

    I know what you mean about Bedwyr's frustration. It goes to show what a stand-up guy he is. Back in his time, men would say, "Wife's laid up in the end of her pregnancy so I'll just go looking for scullery maids." Not Bedwyr! Great guy :-)

  13. Thanks to all the additional commenters. Your names have been entered into the big draw at the end of this week.